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Kumar Gandharva

September 13, 2013

Uthi Uthi gopala is a famous bhoopali(morning bhajan in Marathi), I don’t remember when I first heard the track. I didn’t know who was the singer, but his voice and that bhajan used to ring in my head the whole day.

In 2010, I heard a natyageet “Runanubandhachya jithun padlya gathi”. That was the start of life long journey with KUMAR GANDHARVA. I started  searching and collecting his music. Khyaal, tappa, tarana, bhajan, natyageets. I have no knowledge about classical music. Thankfully one doesn’t need knowledge to enjoy something. As Shankaracharya has said “Happiness exists at two states
1. No knowledge
2. Full knowledge”. 😉 😛

The artist whose creation always had a deep impact on me. His singing is like a chain of waves striking on the shore, every time creating a new pattern. In a way proving the old Indian thought of mithya or nothing is permanent yet everlasting. Each time when we listen to same creation again and again, we come across a new beauty unseen or unheard.I always love him singing Gaud Sarang, Bhimpalasi, Malkauns, Desh, Bahar, Malavati, Chaiti Bhoop.

Another of his wonder is Nirguni  bhajans,
Kabir + Kumar= Pure Bliss
Singing the luring and mystic words of Kabir, there by taking the listener into the Bhaav Samadhi or in the sea of tranquility.

Kumar Gandharva’s music is like a dry leaf moving with the light breeze, dancing in its own way. Unexpected yet expected. Traditional yet new. Bounded yet free.


– Parth Walse Patil


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  1. Parth Pathak permalink

    Walse, well written bro! and really Kumar Gandharva was a great artist.. I don’t know much about him but your post made it heplful..

  2. I liked it…..the first line same thing happens with me….:)

  3. Abhiram Khekale permalink

    Cool! Masta lihilay! 🙂

  4. Divya Salecha permalink

    I loved the blog. Especially the last phrase.

  5. Hey parth… ekdam mast….very well written .:) enjoyed it.. hats off kuemar gandharva !
    And that one- ” Paarth uvacha” is wishes ! – Pratik Chaudhari.

  6. very well written Parth.. i don’t knw abt marathi songs..but i have heard lot.. its awsome to listen..

  7. Well said Parth… Happiness comes at *No knowledge and *Full knowledge. These legends and their creations add something new and worthy to our life every time we come across. The treasure of peace lies where??? Just there… learning. 🙂

  8. Trupti permalink

    Avadlay !!!! 🙂

  9. Rajnandini Deshmukh permalink

    Quite well written Parth!! Loved it!! Awesome!

  10. Shri permalink

    Parth, i had the same experience as you, i first heard “Ajuni rusun ahe” and this song still remains in my mind always silently… My friend suggested me the song “Runanubandhachya”. No words to express the beauty of these songs, never get old and boring. Pt. Kumar Gandharva being a child prodigy never loosed his focus on his songs and his “Sangit Tapashcharya” even in weakness.
    His songs had magic and power to move any sensible person.

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